Welcome to my dollmaking journal. I write doll stories, share tips on this creative journey and so much more. Hope you enjoy your visit!.

And now for something completely different

A photo view of our latest days. I hope you enjoy these images, and I will hopefully be back with some  doll related cuteness. In the mean time, I am enjoying our friends visiting,  letting the summer roll its lazy days, spending time at camp, and recharging a little bit my batteries. The events of the weekend included having some of our friends come from BC to stay with us, a beach wedding to attend and much partying to enjoy, a morning at camp, meals and games, a little girl losing her first tooth (and then another one the next day!) and now a camping trip to organize and pack for. Busy but fun.

I am also dreaming many dolls. I am seen all the custom dolls start dancing in my head, and little by little I am jotting down thoughts, ideas, details, all things to be discussed with the new passengers of my custom doll ride.

I hope you too are enjoying the end of July and the beginning of August. I will come back hopefully with previews of Miss Julia, who was born indeed in July. She is what we would say a shabby chic kind of girl. See you soon!

A spanish princess

A friend for a friend