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A friend for a friend

I have known Emma's future Mom for what seems an eternity now. She has been with me through some rough patches, and some wonderful moments of achievement. She has been a confidant, a friend, an aide, a counsellor, and most of all, she has been extremely supportive of me from the moment we met. Many time I have felt the need to make something for her, and many times the opportunity left me empty handed. But not this time.

Emma was not created with her in mind. At all. It just happened like that. Little by little, things kept falling into place, little clues, little things that made us both wonder if this doll was meant for her. And we both agree she is, for many reasons. And when a doll speaks so loudly to one of my friends, I have to give in. After all, what would the world be if those closer to me didn't have the chance to have those dolls that speak so clearly to them?

So, she won't be up for sale. Sorry to disappoint but it is better you know now, than to keep waiting for her, right? I think so. I however am extremely happy for this doll to go to this woman, and I do plan on sneaking in a few things in her box when she travels home. After all, she needs some sort of surprise when she receives her. I am happy she asked for this little one, and I know that Emma is excited to meet her new family as well. Such an awesome family!

Emma was a bit tired of all this romping about, and taking photos of her. Like I have said to you before, she is very shy and doesn't like to be "in front of you"...she likes to be next to you (her personality reminds me of Celina, a doll I made this year). She is one of those dolls that is meant most exclusively for cuddling. She loves to sit on my knees, and just look at me, or look out the window with me. And to read books, while sitting on your lap, is her most most most definitely favourite thing in the world. I hope that Emma gets to read many books on the lap of her new Mom. I know, for a fact, they will both be very happy to be in each others lives.

Now, I should better get working on Miss Julia, or else! And I promise I won't show her to any of my friends, and she will be up for sale. I definitely promise you that much.

And now for something completely different

Miss Emma Mauve