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Miss Emma Mauve

A quiet Sunday, with no little feet puttering around the house, and Emma and I got to spend some quality time. A hazy Sunday, with fog around the lake, lattes and slices of rye bread, needles and wool, and Emma and me.

Emma is very shy. It must be because she has no clothes. I asked her many questions about her clothes, but she still doesn't feel confident talking that much to me. Prefers to snuggle and sink her nose in a book. Does she even know how to read? Some dolls out there are pretty crafty little gals, and they read and dance and stand by themselves. Not this one. She is pretty shy, prefers to sit, prefers to be cuddled, and prefers to pretend the only world exists in her books.

As a child I was never shy, but I did love to read. Escaping through the wonder doors of musty old pages, and following the rivers of narrative I was almost always away. For me reading was just what I did. I remember when I was around 3 or 4 years old, my parents bought many encyclopaedias, and I would browse their pages hoping for the day I could read them all. And one day I did. I miss those days of abandon into the pages of a book, where I could be surprised by the tigers of India, or the customs of Bavaria. I learned about Lappland and so may other places this way. So much to discover.

Nowadays, the internet has made books a bit obsolete in that regard. There is so much at our fingertips, isn't it? So easy to find. Today, through Emma's obstinate need to sink herself into this book, I was reminded of that old pleasure and many memories came rushing back. The nights I spent reading Sherlock Holmes, learning english by myself, reading fairy tales. I hope this week you get the chance to read a little, I am off to grab my book and wander. This week has started beautifully.

A friend for a friend

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