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Peter and me

Today we have the whole day dedicated to dollmaking, with some breaks to make beds, do laundry, dishes, sweep, make food, take photos of oneself holding bald heads...wait a minute! where did all my "doll-a-making-time" went? aha! Time is of the essence so I will leave you with these photos I took this morning.

My handsome Peter already has hair. And in a few hours he will have a torso and legs and all of that. But this morning he was just a wee head. Making me so happy that I had to take my photo with him. I normally take so many photos when the dolls are finished and to show you what they are all about, who they are, what they like...but I rarely take photos of them in this stage-in-between...when they are becoming who they are meant to be.

It is perhaps because these are my intimate moments. The moments when I am still thinking and deciding, and I need all that energy to myself. Also, even though the doll is in process and "just a head" at this point in time, they already have a strong personality and they are quite horrified to look at a camera pointing at them. "I am not ready, please take that somewhere else"--they seem to say to me. I do not like to take photos of their process, as is one of the things that I keep to myself, my private memories of them coming to being.

But Peter is such a trooper. He didn't seem to care. And to be quite honest, not only was my bum sore for sitting 2.5 hours straight crocheting the wig for his hair, but I also felt like I needed to get up and document this doll with me. I don't like my photo taken, and I rarely let go of the camera to somebody else's hands, but Peter seemed to tell me:

"Come on, don't be such a grown up! 
Live a little. 
Let's have our photo taken, so that next year you not only can see me, 
but see yourself. 
In this moment. 
Creating and having fun"

and with a bit of a rash on my face so it seems! dang mosquitoes!! Now I am off to work on him some more, he does want to feel a body attached to his head. Hasta luego!

I do believe in faeries!

Life just got easier!