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I do believe in faeries!

I do! I do!
When I was requested to make a special doll for a girl who is about to turn 13, and her Mother decided that Peter Pan was to be made, I almost couldn't wait to work on him. I knew that Peter wouldn't be complete without his little faerie friend, and creating little things, especially dolls and friends, to go with the dolls always bring a lot of excitement to my creative work table.

We are getting ready to tackle the outfits. Don't expect any watered-down Disney-version from me...ever. I always tell my "parents-in-waiting" that I have to come up with the ideas myself, and that I won't reproduce illustrations or commercial characters. It is not only more oodles of fun to come up with your own interpretation, but this way you also leave room for imagination to take place. Perhaps Peter from now on can be other different characters as well, not only the boy who refused to grow up.

I will let you know more about my thoughts on Peter and Tinker once they are properly dressed. I have a long journey ahead of me, but now that I can see them "in the flesh" the juices and ideas will start flowing much easier and I hope I can have them ready very soon. Not only am I super excited to see them dressed and out and about, I have here two other dolls that are elbowing each other for their turn to be "talked 'bout" and introduced. Ah! the joys of the dollmaker. See you soon!

Neverland, for evermore.

Peter and me