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Mademoiselle Buttercup

Before I go away for two days, I wanted to show you who I have been hanging out with. And adorable little cloth friend of mine, who we call "Pili", but her real name is Pilar Buttercup (you pronounce her name like P-lar). The name is very dear to me, as it's the name of a little girl I used to play with when I was living in Spain. She is the daughter of a friend of mine, and she loved to eat bread, dance on the plaza and wear skirts.

Little Pilar resembles her only a little, in the dark olive skin, and the blonde locks, sunbleached and somewhat wild. Pili here has a mane of wefted mohair, and a bit of lake sand in it, as I made it one windy afternoon, while my daughters were making muddy soup and building faerie dwellings.

Pili is a Figlette of the 21" kind and she will have quite an ensemble of clothes to model for you. But that will all have to wait until I get back. In the mean time, enjoy her in part of her play outfit: her linen air-balloon romper. More to come soon!

What summer is

With summer in mind