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The Princess and the Pig

Ja! If you think this is a version of the Princess and the pea, you are definitely wrong. She also looks a bit "Rapunzel-esque" but she is not that princess. May I present you Princess Tiny and her trusted sidekick Pig. This is my oldest daughter's idea so don't ask me, I am just the facilitator. You see, my daughter wanted to give her little sister a set like this, and she had every intention I am sure, of completing the whole thing herself. Sadly, she has been a little ill and there has been little time to craft undercover, with her little sister following her every move...so Mom had to come to the rescue and do mostly everything herself. Why do I always end up making everybody's presents?

Anyhoot, here she is. She wrote a story, which we plan to read to the birthday girl on her very special day, and present her later with these toys. Tiny was a name suggested by my dear friend Jenny, who is pretty bossy and tells me what to do all the time, pretty much like my daughter too. The story does not involve the name so I figured it wouldn't hurt the writer's feelings if I named her that. After all, I did all the work!

Princess Tiny is a mere 9.5 inches tall. Eeeeek! She is so very tiny and pretty and sits pretty well too. I added a bum insert to my 8" doll pattern, and did a few modifications to lengthen arms and legs, and ta da! a new doll was born. I love it when things work out like that, as most of the time I end up scratching my head and drinking too much coffee trying to figure out where I went wrong. The pig was also born in the split second it took me to make a little drawing and figure out the parts...one hour later I had "her" all stuffed and I even made her a pretty bow. I am happy to report the tutu is also finished and I will make her slippers tonight, while the cake is in the oven. With a little bit of luck (and less blogging and procrastinating) I might even make it all happen. Wish me luck!

Pippa, stay put Pippa!

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