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Pippa, stay put Pippa!

Oh dear! Have you all gotten a little restless with this little pause of mine? I apologize for my slightly prolonged absence, but after the party I decided to take a wee break and didn't do anything the entire weekend, which of course led to a little bit of falling behind in the doll arena. Not to worry, we seem to be back on track. And I know you were waiting for a little sneak peek at the little lady I am working on, boy do I have a peek or what?

This doll is turning to be quite a riot. I thought that she was going to be one of those shy little dolls, with a coy smile and sweet disposition, but I was definitely wrong. It must be true, what they say about red heads, eh? So much fun, so full of life and extremely funny. That is how I can best describe her. This Pippa winds up all the toys in my basket (what? you don't have a basket of toys of your own? then you must get one!) and does charades with them, impromptu laissez-faire picnics (where everybody gets served bias tape as spaghetti and buttons are the sprinkles on your wool ice cream). She is full of energy and is keeping me on my toes. I am slightly afraid of leaving my sewing room, because I can see the way she looks at my sewing machine. Oh dear.

For now, we will return to finishing her other shoe, and the rest of her wardrobe. With this activity of hers I think I should make her a doll of her own, wouldn't you say? That was after all my intention, but who knows, she does have her own ideas. I will leave you to contemplate her chubby cheeks and those big blue eyes of hers, and I shall be back promptly with more to tell about her. Thanks for your patience, and for your kind words for the birthday girl. We all had a blast and Princess Tiny is a tremendous success, she was given the honours of being squished every night in bed with her new Mama. Be back soon!

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