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My dotty pockets

My Grandma Dotty makes me the most delicious biscuits.
She also loves to crochet doilies for my dollhouse and help me understand the names of flowers.
My Grandma Dotty is awesome, and I lover her wrinkly face, her shaky hands, her lavender and roses smell.

Today I went out for a walk. Mother said  not to get my clothes dirty because we were going for a visit to Grandma Dotty's house. I wore my special trousers with dotty pockets, because I know they make Grandma giggle. When she giggles her eyes lit up and her whole face turns a beautiful round shape! It is quite a sight. I like to make her giggle...that is why I am always sneaking up treats inside her shoes, or wrapping her yarns into beautiful mazes for her to play in.

There were a lot of birds chirping and scamping about outside. I had to be real sneaky to catch them on their shenanigans. Fabs said to me not to bother them little birds, as they are very busy building their nests. I wish I can be a bird sometimes, and build  my own nest high up in a tree. I would definitely decorate it with lots of sparkly bits and ask Grandma to bake me the most delicious scones and biscuits when she came to visit. I would of course offer some refreshments myself. I am the most talented lemonade-maker on this side of the lake.

Oh well. I can hear Mother calling now. I gotta go, but I will come back to show you my favourite toys. Maybe Fabs will go for a walk so I can then play with her toys too. See you later!

Pippa and Puffy

Pippa, stay put Pippa!