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Pippa and Puffy

Did I tell you that Pippa loves babies? She has a certain weakness for all the chubby cheeked ones that come to this house. Most of the time she is slightly taller than them and so she feels like she is older and can really take care of them. She asks if she can hold them, if she can help to change their diapers, and the other day she suggested she could even give a bath to a visiting baby.

She has her own little baby doll she takes care of, and perhaps this relationship has fostered in Pippa a tenderness and a soft care for all them younglings. She calls her baby Puffy, and sometimes pretends she is a baby bunny, and at other times she treats her doll like a human baby. So you never really know how to approach them, I always ask her first about her baby, and I go by what she tells me. I don't want to be the dumb dollmaker that pretends to know her every thought; even though most of the time I am really good at judging what is going on in that big head of hers.

Baby Puffy is so soft, as she is made of velour. I gave her a little baby hat with ears, because we like to have babies with hats in this house. Pippa cuddles with her baby all the time, especially when she has the sniffles or is feeling a little sad, and most importantly she sleeps with her baby every night. Puffy has her own little pouch, which I will be showing you tomorrow, with all her clothes finished. They are almost ready! I will be here tomorrow, to let you know just a little more about them.

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