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Clove Tisane, a surprise

Yes. I do not know if you have noticed or not that Clove Tisane decided she wanted to be a Figlette. But a different Figlette at that. Eva and her had the best laid plans of how they were to become sisters. Little by little they both started whispering in my ears, while I was sleeping, that Clove wanted to have little pierced ears, and a skinny body, that she really wanted those wobbly and bony knees, and the long feet.

I was being manipulated to create a sister for Eva, I think she wanted someone her own size to play with...at least for a little bit. All the Figlettes are much more taller than her, and I wonder if she felt like it was a bit too much. For once, she wanted to have someone her size, to share notes and tips about socks and underwear I suppose, and giggle behind my back, knowing fully well that I am just the executer of their every wish.

So, Clove Tisane was born. Out of a rush, of a need to see another doll in Eva's proportions. And I am so smitten with her. When I originally created my Figlette, I thought of them as small in build, little, easy to pose, easy to handle, very life like. Then I created Eva and we all know what happened with her, I loved her so much and I messed up her construction so bad that she was meant to be mine. I moved on and decided I needed to improve some design aspects of her pattern, enlarged here and there, and voila! Tati was born at 21" tall. Completely by surprise. I did not mean for her to be that size. I just wanted fatter limbs to support the whole thing better. But I came up with a doll that is extremely fun to cuddle for older children and adults.

Well, I used Eva's original pattern, now with the knowledge of having created a few Figlettes under my belt. DO you actually think it came out right? Do you actually believe I have progressed and now I can make things happen at once? Well...no. Clove has several imperfections (but thats just between you and me!) and I am pondering again, if Eva had this planned all along. If she knows better than me what is going on. Did she messed up the wool when I wasn't looking? I used the normal interlock that I use for my other dolls and the fabric behaved in a completely different way, altering the size and length of her limbs and torso versus the way Eva looks. They are the same size, 18" tall, but Clove has a little longer torso and shorter legs and arms. She looks proportionate, it is just that she is different than Eva.

Now, I know you are all going to think I did this on purpose so I could keep another doll, but I swear I didn't. My intention (remember I was being manipulated) was just to create Clove with Eva's pattern and make "just one more" Figlette. I do love making them. And here we are. With the cutest doll, with a few minor imperfections, and she looks at me every day, wondering what I am going to do with her. I see that she wants to play with kids, she is not so big and heavy as the other Figlettes, but she has that charm and interesting look that the Figlettes posses. Eva smirks and giggles at my conundrum, because she knows I can't put her in the shop like that, and she knows that I am going to be in serious trouble if I keep her. That little rascal!

Oh well, time to ponder some little more. I just wanted to let everybody know why I have been keeping little Clove under wraps. This is why. Not sure exactly how to proceed. In the mean time, I will take more photos of her, and get started on those papooses. See you soon!

She will go...

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