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In the making

Of birthday presents, cake and decorations. I am right in the midst of that. You see, this friday is my baby girl's birthday, she turns five. Five. I keep telling myself that that can't possibly be true, but somehow it is. The years just keep sneaking up on me. And so, we are going to celebrate the occasion with a small birthday party, and Mom (that means me) is awfully busy: wrapping newspaper strips around a balloon to make her piñata, making her a tutu and ballet slippers as a present she requested a long time ago, and helping her older sister realize the present she wants to gift her. This last little bit is giving me a bit of a trial. We shall see.

On the other side of the table sits this pretty lady. Her clothes are starting to take shape. I cut these fabrics this morning, while wondering if the idea that I have in my head is going to turn into a dress or into a nightmare. Phillippa looks at me with wonder, and is very curious to see how I dress her. It is a shame really, that she still has no hair, so I have her all wrapped up in a blanket and she is at the moment surrounded by balls of yarn. She likes to play with those and I think she wonders if of all of those are going to turn into her shoes. I told her only one...but she has high hopes.

Once I am done with the chocolate madness of Friday and the Easter hunt that promptly follows, I will perhaps tell you a bit more about Pippa. We like this nickname for her and so does she, how about you? Are you in the midst of creating for your little ones in anticipation for Easter? dyeing eggs? wrapping chocolates? filling baskets? baking and cooking? I do love this time of the year. So full of promise and magic.

The Princess and the Pig

New month, and new thoughts