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New month, and new thoughts

Oh yes! I can feel Spring through my hands already. There is wetness around me, little living things are starting to sprout, there is a little bit of green poking through the yellow grass. The birds chirp harder and louder and longer every day. My energy levels are on the rise, and the Sun is here every day, warming my window and my sewing room.

While on other latitudes they are enjoying heat waves already, picking flowers and gardening, in these latitudes of the North we are starting to slowly see Nature re-awaken after a long and cold slumber. I feel exactly the same. I can honestly tell you that my hands just cannot stop, there is so much vibrancy in me and my dolls will start to portray that through their clothes, their coy smiles, their deep gaze.

The new collection I am about to start is called: Scones on Sunday. Hehehehe. There are six 16" dolls planned in this new group, all girls. And two Figlettes of the 21" kind. I will start with one Figlette, her name is Phillippa von Piping and she is a delight. I have already worked a little on her, here and there, and can't wait to see how she comes about. I found it interesting that she is a such a transition doll, as there is Spring in her clothes, but also this in-between weather, of yellows, rust, browns and cream. I will start showing you little snippets of Phillippa, as I work on her, but she won't be ready for another week or so.

Scones on Sunday is a very ethereal collection. All the 16" dolls will be wearing beautiful linen dresses and bottoms, some will have bonnets, the colours are pastels but there is some bright solid colours in there too, to ground the dolls. These are the words on which I am drawing inspiration and I hope they conjure wonderful images on you too: mint, buttercream, crabapple jelly, honey, clove, cherries, poppy seeds. Lots of white and natural hair colours. Cant hardly wait to see them all come to life. Thank you for coming with me on this ride!

In the making

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