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Bassinets and Pillows

That's exactly what this week was all about. You should have seen me sewing like a mad woman at the wee hours of the night. Madness of the purest kind. But I managed to enlarge the original pattern of the bassinet, so that dolls 14" to 18" can snuggle in soft comfort. Yup, that's right. Although, I am talking about 18" dolls, like Eva, who has very slender and petite proportions and can squeeze herself into clothes meant for a 13" doll for example. Other 18" dolls might just not make it in, but my dolls will.

Two bassinets will be available tonight. The green one fits 12" dolls and smaller sizes of course, and the pink one the larger ones. I cannot begin to explain you what sort of an ordeal it was to make these two bassinets. Not only did I keep wanting to make and add more little things, but wrestling the super stiff fabrics through my sewing machine was a bit of a miracle. I still can't believe these are finished and look like something a human made. I had horrible nightmares that they were going to turn out looking like a cookie or a cake once I turned them inside out, which almost made me cry and gave me sore arms. But they are finished. Don't expect another pair any time soon.

Though nightmarish and very time-consuming, I did enjoy making them. I just need to stream-line my process, and also perhaps use a different kind of interface. Or get better at sewing bassinets. I hope I can offer them again, but in the mean time, I really need to take a break, oil that poor sewing machine who performed like a true champion for me, and have a drink!

These two bassinets, plus two cute little dresses that managed to wiggle themselves out of the sewing schedule before starting the bassinets, are going to go into the shop tonight at 10:00 PM EST. My internet is performing in a very dodgy way, and I hope that tonight we can make it happen. Sorry, sorry, sorry to anybody that was waiting for the update in the morning. I had to run to the library to go online and let everybody know what was going on. My deepest apologies, but these were circumstances out of my control. See you tonight!.

**oh yes! the prices. The 12" bassinet will be $165 and the 16" bassinet will be $195. The 12" dress $16 and the 16" dress $20. All prices are in USD and are subject to shipping charges of course.

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