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Tatjanna Buttonloop, the first

Ja! I chuckle every time I say her name out loud. I think this whole dollmaking thing is so fun, that sometimes I feel sorry for people who don't get to make dolls, and I wonder, "but, how do they go from day to day without making ANY dolls?". Lucky for me, I do get to make them and share them.

Now, enough about me. Let me tell you about this sweet lady. Tatjanna Buttonloop is a girl that comes from a long, steeped in rich history, family. She has many brothers and sisters, and tends to them like a very devoted sibling. Helps them to braid their hair, helps them to tie their shoes, helps them to wash their faces with the smelly soap and helps them in all kinds of little tasks, wether commissioned by the sovereign voice of Mother or wether these tasks are flimsy wants of small children. She pays extreme attention to the little ones in the house, and is the first one to grab the fattest book on the book shelf, and pat the couch with a smile, inviting everyone around her to discover the joys and adventures in a new story to be told.

Tati, like she is lovingly called, dreams of travelling the world, many times over. Not because she wants to go away, but because all those stories about faraway lands, have picked her brain and now she cannot stop thinking about it. What it would be like to walk on a french promenade, or sit with a flower on her lap while she contemplates a sunset on an italian piazza. Mostly she daydreams about going into small book stores, the kind that have a little bell on top of the door, as if warning you both of the dangers and pleasures that await you once you are inside. A bookstore with a tiny wooden ladder, where you can help yourself to any book, where you can ask questions to a wise old lady with a satin bow around her neck, or to a knowledgeable man, looking at you behind spectacles, wearing a tight plaid vest and a pocket watch.

Tati dreams about what foods might taste like in other places, about seeing new fruits and smelling new streets. About sitting on a park bench, and watching people go by. To see the hurry on their faces, the tightly grasped packages that must not be lost, to hear the sounds of shuffled feet and the hush of skirts and coats. To take in as much as possible, so she can then sit down, at the end of the day, and with pen in hand write it all up, to let her family back at home know she is a most fortunate child. She smiles thinking of all these adventures retold to her brothers and sisters, and thinks that whenever she sends a letter back, so fat and so thick inside a well-battered envelope, that the entire family will sit around the hearth to hear all about it, and make a point to re-read her letters every night, until a new one comes in. These thoughts bring so many smiles to her face, that sometimes I wonder if she is not already there.

Tati is excited and ready to start this new adventure. If you would like to welcome her in your home, Tatjanna Buttonloop (jijijiji!) is available comment style here. Please leave your name, and email address (so I can contact you after), and I will select a person tomorrow at around 9 am EST, or put her in the shop.

Tati is a Figlette-style doll. These dolls are a new style I have been working on for more than a year. Amazingly enough she was born much larger than I thought, she stands 21 inches (53 cms) tall. I am inclined to believe this is a one of a kind doll, so therefore I made her several items of clothing. She is made with swiss jersey, which is a very sturdy fabric created specifically for dollmaking, and she is stuffed with wool. Her hair is an alpaca/wool blend, which has wonderful styling capabilities, and has been applied strand by strand to a cap sewn to her head. Her face is embroidered, and she sports tiny glass buttons for her earrings. Tati has a day outfit consisting of a long tunic with front tucks and puffy bound sleeves; a pair of dotty short pants, and a pinafore with lace detail on the straps; all these items are made of linen and have buttons that close with button loops. She also has two knit items, a wonderful chunky shawl and a Fig hat, made with alpaca/wool blend, plus a pair of crochet boots. As a fancy outfit she has a cotton gauze dress, that cinches on front with a piece of ribbon, I included another piece for her hair. This little dress attracted a shiny blue butterfly at the very last minute, and it closes on back with a mother-of-pearl button. This outfit comes with a pair of wool maryjanes, that have vintage glass buttons. Tati also has underwear of course, and a few accessories of her own: a stuffed pal, so she doesn't travel alone. A wee elephant, made of muslin and linen, lightly stuffed with wool; a crochet bag, to stash her treasures and coins, also made of wool; a passport of some sort, made of wool felt, linen trim and fabric, with a wooden button; and a canvas bag, to store all her belongings.

I have emailed the selected recipient to take Tati home. Thank you so much to the others that wished to bring this cutie into your family. If all goes well, she should start the first chapter of her many travels tomorrow, and so today perhaps we will have a "Going Away" party for Miss Buttonloop. If there is however a glitch, I will then select another family within the next 12 hours. Thank you again! Back to the dollies.

A tough job

In the morning