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In the morning

Everything looks good and feels better, in the morning. The sun shines and brings a light that no man can reproduce. The birds awaken and their mere sight brings comfort to a cold, winter heart. The day lies ahead, full of promise, of surprises, of things to discover and fall in love with. The day has yet to be lived.

Tati looks pretty in the mornings. As she eats her warm bowl of porridge, spiced with cinnamon and dowsed with apples, she thinks of what is yet to be. What will she be up to? What books will she read? Who will she meet? What games are going to be played and which friends will come to meet and greet? All perfectly normal browsing of the mind.

Today she chose her party outfit. Every girl must have one. The one mother sets aside for special occasions, for meeting important guests that come to the house, the one that is frowned upon if it gets dirty, the one we all take special care to wear, and even sit with less girth while at the parlour. The one that requires just a little bit of that most special Mother's ribbon, the one that shines as you twirl and makes everything look pretty. Just like morning light.

Today is a good day she said. And out she went, to meet life.

Tatjanna Buttonloop, the first

Little hands are always busy