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Little hands are always busy

Here she is. A little lady called Tatjanna. I have worked on this lady non-stop. Every time I get a chance I sit down and do something else for her. She is very nice, very proper, and cooperates whole-heartedly. Her whole 22 inches that is!

We are all very pleased not only with her sweet demeanour, but with her set of day clothes. The three of us contemplated fabrics, matched buttons, chose trims. Everything came together nicely and now we are off to tackle the rest of her trousseau.

Eva has really taken to her and they both play together very nicely. I was sewing her dress this afternoon, and when I went upstairs for a little refreshment, it is a bit dry in here with the wood stove going strong, this is the scene I found. Silly girls! Braiding their hair! Although Eva was a bit cross that her hair is *still* not long as her sister Tatjanna. We keep telling her it will grow.

During the weekend I will bring you a little bit more about this doll, before we can actually wave her good bye. Thanks for coming!

In the morning

And so it begins.