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And so it begins.

Madness. Pure madness. Of the best kind of course. Dollmaking madness. I mean that in the best sense since I seriously cannot wait to create all these dolls that just got a little sketch to call their own. Their stories are starting to unfold. Little by little I will get to know them better, and as I work on them and take notice of their round thumbs, little smiles or pudgy bellies, I will be even more inspired to tell you things about them.

I am going to start the year with one collection entitled Timeless Travel. This collection of dolls speaks to me of times far long gone, when travelling used to be an expensive ordeal, and time, planning and contacts had to be mapped out. When embarking on a long journey usually meant your family and friends heard almost nothing from you. Now in this age of blogging and emails, that nostalgia gets trampled under foot quite easily.

This collection of dolls shares some of that yearning in the sense that the dolls are going to be dressed in a somewhat old-age way. Classic pieces will conform their attire, but with a slightly updated look due to the fabrics I will be using, and to make them interesting and pleasing both to the sensibility of a child or the heart of an adult.

I have been very inspired looking at old tintypes of children, and while I do not want to create dolls with frilly items of clothing corresponding to a more victorian aesthetic, I do want to imbue them with that old-fashioned look and to make their clothes with the high attention to quality and hand-sewing that is particular of old clothing. Lots of gathers, pleats, pin-tucks, handmade button loops, cuffs, collars and layers, lots and lots of layers. Which means that I will be sewing by hand a great deal while constructing their clothes. Which means they are going to take me longer. Which means there will be less dolls.

This collection will be made with a lot of linen (as usual), but no big fancy modern patterns at all. More modest or subdued colours, although there are two dolls that just scream crazy because of their hair! Their clothes are pretty sweet and they will mellow down, so don't worry. With a little bit of luck there will be 3 Figlettes and a few 16" dolls. I hope I can create this collection of dolls over a span of three months, and I am preparing my hands and my spirit for the inspiration that the Spring will bring. So I won't plan that far ahead like last year.

For now, I reminisce and rest my eyes on old photographs, lockets, pretty vintage glass buttons, some lacy knits and more and more ideas are dancing in my head. I am also planning, everything is in the planning stage so bare with me, to do little (like two or three pieces) mini clothing updates, with the same travel theme in mind but with a totally different look. The clothes available will have travelling ideas to them, but the fabric choices will be brighter and more modern. Something for your contemporary doll to wear...jejejeje...contemporary doll...I think I've gone mad. Contemporary doll she says.

Anyway, I have to get chop chop. So I leave you wondering when and how this first doll, in this new 2012 collection, will be up for snippets of introduction. She is coming along, and is the first Figlette that will be available for sale, and also, the first doll of the year. How exciting! I leave you with this little sneak peek at some of her chunky knit wardrobe. See you soon!

Little hands are always busy

Our playroom