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Our playroom

Our play room got a few cute additions this year. Courtesy of Mom and Dad. I know some of you wanted to see what I made the girls for Christmas and here are their dolls, wearing some of their clothes and enjoying some crochet play food and some needle felted sweets. I think everybody is going to have to go on a diet very soon.

While the girls are enjoying still a few last days of holidays and playing almost all day, I am actually salivating just thinking that they will be back to school on Monday and then I can get to play myself. The fabrics have all been pre-washed, the yarns are waiting to be turned into soft balls ready to be knit, and today I will organize the trims with the fabrics and start pairing some combinations. So, so, so excited.

I will be back early next week with a little bit of a collection introduction. It is all taking form, sketches have been made, all I need is turn on the sewing machine. Weeee!

And so it begins.

A new year