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A new year

Wow! that was an emotional and extremely inspiring task. To go over what I made, grew and accomplished in one full year. The chapter is now closed, both emotionally and physically, and onto new and exciting things. A new year, a new road, a new venture.

I am still in the dreaming stages over here, cleaning and dusting, and touching new fabrics. Arriving boxes with fluffy yarns, sketching, and thinking of key aspects to discuss with Jess for new doll heads full of her amazing handspun goodness. It is all moving in the most perfect direction.

Going over my long list of collections of last year I found myself revisiting some of the anxiety and the oppressiveness I sometimes felt by working within certain limits. Also, understanding that giving myself said limits allowed me to focus and concentrate on specific dolls and techniques I wanted to create and learn upon. So, much thought is being given to this subject. Wether to create with collections in mind this year, or to allow myself more freedom and therefore more goofing around. One thing is for sure, I will try to make the collections more broad. I have one in mind that is pretty interesting, and will give me a lot of flexibility to become in love with new arriving fabrics or with spur-of-the-moment-dolls.

There are some pretty exciting news in the horizon of Fig&Me. I cannot wait to tell you all about it, but it will have to wait, as some eggs need to hatch first before we can go about screaming it from the top of our lungs, right? One thing I can tell you right now is that I am very excited to start to work next week. My hands have kept busy, but in other realms, and by letting my heart and my hands take a little break from the ever-consumming passion of dollmaking, I find myself extremely inspired and very excited to get back to rolling heads and sewing dresses. Giving this, I will probably have a pretty lady, with an amazing surprise and a lot to tell you, all next week. Stay tuned.

Our playroom

A year of growth