A tough job

Sometimes it is hard to make dolls. Very hard. Not just because of the amount of work that they entail, from ordering supplies, organizing, planning, sewing, knitting, photographing, etc...but also the last little bit. Packing them up for safe travel.

We are very happy that our sweet Tati is going to a home where she will be cherished and loved. Of that we are so certain. However, it was hard for us to say good-bye. For me and Eva, and for my two little ones. They seem to think that because she has a passport, like Lunette, that she is going travelling the world and eventually she will get back to us. Gasp. Had a bit of a hard time explaining that one to them.

Eva and Tati had their moment together. So did I. She is now ready to go to her new home, and for us, there is room for another lady to be cuddled and hugged while I work on her. Tough gig, this one I am in, but so rewarding. Of that I am also certain.
Posted on January 19, 2012 and filed under collections2012, dollmaking, figlette, process, timeless travel.