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And one more

Remember my doll clothes giveaway, back in June of last year? well. I still haven't finished some of the items for the big winner, and for one of the second place winners. Bad doll maker, bad doll maker! But I am getting close.

This is the summer set for the all-season winner. I hope she forgives me that it has taken me this long to get all the clothes for her doll ready. They will be coming her way soon. In the mean time, I asked Eva to model them for me, and she agreed of course.

Then I saw her munching on something, and I asked her, what do you have in there?...candy! where did you get this candy? that sneaky little doll is picking up too much from the children in this house, stashing chocolates inside their pillowcases, or putting wooden toys inside my snow boots. Sneaky children of mine. Now I am off to sew some more, and perhaps early next week I can show you the next two dolls in the Timeless Travel collection, their names are Madrid and Barcelona. I hope you like them. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.


A tough job