That's what we say in spanish when we see beautiful women or girls. These two well deserve the title me thinks. A pair of dolls, who are getting ready for their long journey, and are trying to pack their things and see how many sweets they can stash amongst their belongings.

I wanted to give you a little preview of these two ladies. Madrid has sparkly blue hair, and a very long and elegant dress, as well as a few other things I am working on. Barcelona is a chubby little doll, with orange and red hair, and a very sweet expression. She also has a long pink dress and her customary extras, which I am very excited to finish.

I think these two ladies, with a bit of luck, will be ready tomorrow on etsy. But I will post the details tomorrow morning as I am thinking they will be ready late afternoon or tomorrow night. We'll see how far I get today. I am also working on a special little doll, part of my contribution to a special cause. More details as the week progresses. Thanks for coming and I hope you are having a nice week!
Posted on January 24, 2012 and filed under collections2012, dollmaking, timeless travel.