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Madrid and Barcelona

Two sweet sisters, who are most excited and ready to go and visit their cousins Sevilla and Granada. They are really looking forward to going to the muslim baths, where you can just relax and talk all sorts of secrets that only girls find amusing. They both are also looking forward to eating many oranges, and take strolls in the company of their family, through the Alcazaba or any of the amazing cortijos or carmenes that you can visit in Andalucia. Their yearly trip has come again, and they are busy, busy, packing and packing. Oh my! girls really need a lot of stuff when they travel don't they? These two come with a very long dress made with eyelet cotton, a wool bolero in the case of Madrid, and a wool cardigan in the case of Barcelona. Matching cotton bloomers and wool maryjanes complete their outfits.  An oversized fabric-flower headband brings that added spanish charm that we so adore in this house. They both have two pieces of needle felted play food, as well as a wool felt passport (not photographed). 

I told them I would pack them some lunch for the road, but they told me it wasn't really necessary. "Ostia, que nosotras nos apañamos, tu no dejeis de preocuparos". They sure have picked some "mexicanisms" while at my house. While looking through their stuff, just to make sure they had everything they needed, I found quite the stash of candy. No wonder. Turrones, mantecados, mazapan, panellets, pestiños and even churros to eat later with hot chocolate. I stole the churros I am afraid, in my defence it was much too early and I was hungry and they make a perfectly balanced breakfast! Besides, they shouldn't eat so much candy.

So here you have them, two little ladies, ready to embark on one of many journeys. They will be ready to say hi tonight, over here, at 10:00 pm eastern time. They will both be listed for $286 plus shipping. Good luck! or should I say, Bon appetit ? Ps...My husband tells me that Barcelona's hair looks like a paella...and just thinking about it makes me hungry!

Tomasina Pepperpot, a wee one