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Tomasina Pepperpot, a wee one

Where should we begin? Perhaps at the beginning, she recommended.
Well then. Things go like this.

In the land of sugar and cream, and smelly spices and forgotten spoons, lived a little girl with one big dream. Her name was Tomasina Pepperpot.

This little girl, really so little, was in charge of filling the saucers with a few drops of milk for the hard-working ants, and also of bringing a few forgotten morsels, left on the kitchen counter, for her friends the mice and the birds.

Tomasina loved to help out others, and was always putting herself in utmost danger, just to get that half-eaten strawberry for Mrs. Candlestick, or that big fat muffin for Mr. Duck Scrub-a-dub-dub. When in danger she quickly ran to the nearest tea pot, and hid inside it. Her hat serves not only to keep her head warm, but also as disguise as it resembles a crafty lid of the pottery kind.

The one thing Tomasina did not like was going to bed. She just had no time for it. As at night time was the safest to get out of the cupboard and wander through the kitchen. But no matter how much she complained and fussed, she was always sent to bed. Her mother made her a special pillow, with a bear to tell her secrets to, and also so she can whisper all the adventures and schemes she was to do first thing in the morning: how to dip your fingers in the sugar bowl or perhaps, how to best escape being seen when the household children get home from school. She is very smart, and now I do wonder, have you ever seen a Tomasina Pepperpot? Do you have one at home? They are most crafty little people, so perhaps you just need to sit quiet one day, or really clean those cupboards, and you will find a surprise.

Little people, such as Tomasina, inhabit the world of children and fantasy. Perhaps you don't need to be a child to believe in her adventures. Perhaps you have already seen one. Perhaps you have read the wonderful story of her long-lost cousin Thumbelina, the poor thing. She did find a handsome prince in the end, so I wonder what would happen to Tomasina.

Tomasina Pepperpot is a 12" official doll, but she actually measures 14" standing. Oh dear. What happened there? She comes with all the clothes pictured, plus her bassinet (wool stuffed mattress, comforter and two pillows). She was created purposefully to be included in a wonderful auction taking place next week, to benefit a mother in need. If you want to read more about her, or find out about the other wonderful items that are being generously offered to this event, please visit the Facebook page: Hearts for Vanessa

I hope Tomasina finds a good home, where she can bring mischief, play and laughter. Thank you for reading about her, and good luck to those who bid. And thank you from the bottom of my heart to the people who gave me the opportunity of touching the life of others through generosity.

The Auction for Tomasina is now live, and it will end on Thursday Feb. 2nd

I believe that is so touching to see all the contributions of crafters, dollmakers, knitters and seamstresses, all in pro of this cause,  but it is even more amazing to see so many people out there with such a generous heart, bidding on the work of so many kind souls. 

Thank you for checking it out.

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