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Two more wee ones

It seems that this week was all about them wee ones. Between Tomasina, who luckily found a home of her own, and will be travelling soon, to these two who are still waiting for some shoes and what not. The 12" size (although a bit taller I am afraid) is just so endearing, so little, so perfectly tiny.

I wanted to make these two dolls with a bit more ethnic flair, because of their story and the names they have. Which I haven't told you yet, right? Right. So yes, here are Tibet and Morocco. Two sweet dolls from lands very far away. I have never been to Tibet, but I hope to make it one day. Morocco however, was extensively visited while I was living in Spain. I had a lot of fun thinking about those days, my adventures in the bazaars, and the afternoons spent sipping mint tea. Ah! the joys of travels.

So, Morocco and Tibet are still waiting for me to finish their garments. They don't have that many extra items, but I do have to finish their shoes. Must finish their shoes. See, today I was supposed to finish them and have them ready, but I forgot it is a school day-off and so with the munchkins around, lots of snacks and "help me mom" are going on, so we will have to wait until the weekend. I hope they will be ready tomorrow. I will let you know, in case one of them is winking at you. And now, off to make cinnamon buns! See you tomorrow.

Note: I did finish the dolls, there are photos of them on the Gallery. They will be listed tomorrow Sunday February 5th, at 10:00 AM EST. I hope they soon start their own travels!

Bunny thoughts

Tomasina Pepperpot, a wee one