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Let the extravaganza begin!

Goody, goody! (like my friend Jenny would say), now I am ready to sew my little fingertips off. I've been meaning to have clothes available for your wee dollies for what seems to me like the longest time. I have some ideas, some things that *must* be done (like trying out those dresses I've had in my head forever), and some things that your dolls *require*.

I am not 100% sure how it is going to pan out. Ironing and prepping doll clothes for photos, editing, loading and listing, writing about it, shipping, it all takes so much time, and I much rather be actually sewing if you don't mind, therefore I want to come to some sort of agreement with *you* in which we both are happy and content. So, I thought to open some sort of "poll" to figure out what exactly would you like to see offered for your dolls. One thing is fore sure, the 8" dolls will go naked for now as I do not have the patience to sew wee dolly dresses, shirts or pants, perhaps at the very end of November. Please excuse the frankness but it's true.

For sure I am making overalls, in two and perhaps even three different styles. Overalls are so cute! And I have gotten a lot of emails about those, so there will be a nice selection in 12" and 16" sizes. Pajamas are always such a nice thing to give to your doll for Christmas. My girls always get a new set of nightgowns or pajamas to wear for Christmas morning, perhaps it would be a tradition your doll would love to follow.  Also some underwear, as I seem to have sent some dolls out into the world without their proper drawers. Good heavens, the nerve! I will most likely make bloomers or culottes for the 12" size, and proper undies and boy briefs for the taller ones.

But, how about you? Do you want hats? what kind of hats? capes? coats? fancy elegant dresses? do you want full sets? meaning top, pants, a cover and a hat? do you want accessories? what is the best way to list all of this? Since shipping from Canada is a bit over the top, I think that offering sets is the best bang for your buck as you get all in one go. But maybe you don't want to get a big set when all you need is an extra pair of undies.

So, please, let me know so I can sit down and mumble to myself (a bit more than usual), and come up with some sort of plan. Also, scheduled updates? or random, list-as-I-finish kind of thing? See?, there are so many angles to this! I know a lot of you spend quite some intense time checking out stores and what not, especially with the holidays in mind, but some of you would rather have a set time that you can make sure to be there for some doll shopping. Some input would be very appreciated.

And as a last thing. I am working on some special treats for you, as a thank you for all your kindness, support and encouragement throughout this year. Also, I am preparing some Fig&Me merchandising that might be just what you were waiting for, plus during November and early December I plan on offering more tutorials so you can then create things for your dolls, and not just depend on some silly doll maker who is always chewing more than she can swallow. But who always gets so excited about creating things for dolls that she cannot, in all honesty, be blamed for her candidness.

In the mean time

Aurora, a Kismet doll