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In the mean time

In the mean time, if you don't mind, while I should be *just* sewing doll clothes, and drafting new patterns and what not, well...sometimes...we get side-tracked. And that is just what happened to me.
I will finally have a Figlette to share (with non-family members of course) and maybe even send away to a faraway corner of the world. Extremely pumped and excited about it. (Can you see all the tiny doll clothes in process behind her?)

In the meantime, I have taken careful notice of all your requests, and I am working out the details and all of that. Perhaps tomorrow I can give you some sort of calendar in regards to clothing updates, so that we can all be on the same page. One thing is for sure, I have four girl overalls (12" and 15" sizes) and two more outfits for the 15"size. Those still need  buttons and cute things like that. I plan on having everything ready to go this week at some point. So come back again to check it out.

Mark your calendars

Let the extravaganza begin!