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Mark your calendars

So, I have come up with some sort of calendar for you to pay a visit to my atelier. I will try to honour it as much as I can, and play by the rules, but life is hectic and so it might just happen that I move the date, so please the day before come and check if there is something going on.

My goal is to have small amounts of beautiful clothes, on a weekly basis, so that I don't spend too much time wrapping and shipping. Don't worry about shipping quotes, as soon as I ship your things I'll combine it all and issue your refunds in a timely manner.

Please bear in mind that the person who is sewing all these doll clothes, also has to finish a few silly custom dolls,  has to clean her house, feed her children, answer emails, take photos, stack the wood stove, go for walks, etc. Be patient with me.

The first set of clothes, of which I will have previews on Thursday, will be up on Friday at 9:00 am Eastern. From then on I will vary the times, to allow most of you the chance to get some clothes for your dolls. Times will be announced one week before, so don't get too discouraged. I will try to do it like this, every friday something cute, so that I have all weekend to wrap things and ship them first thing Monday morning. So without much ado, this is what will be happening around here:

Fig&Me Atelier

Update 1. Friday 11/11 at 9:00 am
GIRL Linen overalls and peasant blouse for the big dolls (14"/16") $32
GIRL Linen overalls and peasant blouse for little dolls (12" Fig&me) $29
GIRL Vintage wool plaid coat for big dolls $32
Zoe outfits: $32
 long-sleeved tunic with peter pan collar and front detail, plus corduroy pants

Update 2. Friday 11/18
Fall and Winter dresses
Baby sets

Update 3. Friday 11/25
Overalls plus tops
Tunics and trousers

Update 4. Wednesday 11/30
Fun stuff: coats, accessories, shoes, toys, costumes, etc

These are half-way done, so I will try to sneak them in between, with plenty of notice of course

Phew! I have a lot to do sweet people, a lot to do! So I better go and say hi to my sewing machine. See you on thursday for the previews of the lovely things I am working on.

A sneaky preview

In the mean time