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I must be mad

Crazy mad or something...I don't know what to say really. Everything that could have gone wrong with this poor doll, has gone wrong believe me. I am trying very hard to remain optimistic and see things with a light mood, but it is so hard when every time I do something on her I make a horrible mistake and I have to start all over. Let us recapitulate, shall we?

First off, the fabric is not interlock, so it behaves way different than the fabric I use for my dolls. It is taking a lot of time and patience to get acquainted with it, but I have decided this is the fabric for Figlette and I am sticking to it. Second, the wool batting is acting out...getting all retarded on me, since the fabric acts differently I have had to learn other different methods to stuff this little beauty. Stuffing this doll was so not fun, and I usually enjoy stuffing the dolls as it lets me see how they are "filling up" and becoming their chubby little selfs.

Third, she is so skinny and petite that fiddling with those tiny seams gave me a headache. I am not even going to go there because if I start remembering I will be so depressed just knowing that I am not the doll maker I thought I was becoming.

Fourth, the mouth. Oh! the mouth. I totally fudged the mouth. I wanted her to have pouty lips and just didn't make it happen. So a little tiny pout was put in place but I think the previous mouth has left now a mark on her face. Not extremely visible, and there are still a few things recommended to me that need to be done there before I can call this doll a total fluke. Fifth, the hair. She was going to have a different style of hair, but since things were spiralling out of control I decided to go for the tried and true yarn version. I gave her a bob, it suits her so well. She has dirty blonde hair like the inspiration behind her.

I take no responsibility for her clothes...Finn dressed her!!

Perhaps working on this doll seems like a total mistake. But my creative life needed to work on her, while there are massive amounts of outfits waiting to be serged, and buttons to be picked, and the cutest little custom doll waiting for her photos.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta leave everything where it is and take photos of your maximum obsession and play pretend. Dolls are good for the heart that way.

Girls will be girls

Sleepy times