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Girls will be girls

A cute phrase that a friend recently wrote on one of my photos. And I couldn't help but laugh, because that is something that we are always saying about my two little girls. They are so giggly (more like screamers really) and they are always running around after each other, they fight lots, peck at each other and also have the most beautiful sisterhood moments between them.

These two silly dolls remind me of them. After all, I have a brunette daughter, who is a bit quiet (at times) but as soon as you turn around grabs another candy! that kind of girl...and Figlette is modelled after my youngest, a little blonde girl who tests my patience at every chance she gets. Pretty much like the doll itself.

As I was trying to sew some boy pajamas, they kept making noise behind me in the sewing room, I told them to be quiet, that I was trying very hard to concentrate. Sewing has always required my utmost attention. They couldn't sit still and when I looked up they were dressed like this! So I took them out for a little tumble, perhaps the cold air would take care of their rambunctious energy.

This little doll is named Ella. Her mama gave me that name to work on her, and I think it suits her perfectly, don't you think? Ella is a doll made for a very good friend of mine, whom has always bestowed nothing but kindness and friendship on me. I am so happy to have the chance of contributing with the work of my hands to her life now, to bring her a little more laughter and a little more "childhood". This doll is for her, and now she gets to have her very own doll when playing with her girls. I hope she shares.

And, the other goofball, well...she keeps being difficult. I am used to it. Perhaps she doesn't want to leave me and that is why she keeps making working on her so terribly hard. I do want to share her with the world, but for now, I get to sit down and contemplate her, get to know her better, listen to her and find out who exactly she wants to be. So I can then create the most wonderful wardrobe for her. Big plans. No time.

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