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Sleepy times

There has been little of that going on, as I am sewing into the wee hours of the night. So much to do people, so much to do. And a little one with four molars coming all at once, plus another one who decides to spend the night with me, means even less sleep. Oh well, onward and upward.

But, since I don't get much shut eye, I have been enjoying sewing pijamas for dollies. Oh yes! soft and comfy ones, the kind that touching them makes you sleepy...or maybe it's just my sleep-deprived brain playing tricks on me.

Anyways, I thought proper to drop you some lines, and show you part of the goodies that will be up for grabs next Friday. I just published the update time and date on the right hand column. All those silly bloomers and undies will wait until Sunday. I will have all the clothes that will be in each update on flickr...so check them out over there. I will add photos as I finish. Now back to bed, I mean, back to the sewing room.

PS...If you are wondering about the sassy blonde, she is a Giveaway doll that will be soon offered comment-style, weeeeee! if I only finish her clothes, dear me!

I must be mad

The Gift of Nature