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What I am up to...

Up to something I tell ya', up to something! always!! Well, as you might figure out, I have five dolls here in several stages of whining and unfinish-ness. One requires her cape and cannot stop talking about it.

The other one is a bit more shy to outright demand from me, but she sure lets me know I still haven't finished her babies, and that her boots still need ties.

Boys are always so funny and Cedar keeps taking off his clothes and then putting them on...I want a button he says...and please do finish my boots as my toes are getting really cold in here.

And a silent beauty just stares at them. How dare you? she seems to say. She is the oldest sister, and is very quiet. Absorbs everything around her. Her dress is beautiful, I quite like it. Now I just need to finish them all so I can take proper photos. Still so much to do!

And little Fern, as usual, who knows where she is! Probably tucked away in between skeins of yarn, making a mess with my buttons and fiddling with my trims.

It is always lots of fun when you are "over the bend" and all the dolls have hair and belly buttons, and all you have to do now is stare at them and let them tell you what cute little extra they want and where exactly to place that button. Buttons. I love buttons! and you are in for some real treats in that department. Will be back tomorrow with more of them.

Button mania!

An alter ego