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An alter ego

I am so excited and beyond myself right now. It's kind of like a birthday present, really. I want to formally introduce you to my sweet alter ego, this sweet lady...

She was conceived in tandem with the marvellous artist Paola Zakimi. I have always been a huge fan and admired her dolls and illustrations for what seems eons now. I finally gathered the courage and fortitude to  ask her to create a little girl that would embody what Fig&Me dolls bring to me. What they represent in my head. And she totally nailed it.

Communicating back and forth (in spanish, what a treat!) resulted in many giggles and a sweet friendship. I feel so blessed and so pleased, and since everybody around me is quite tired of me bursting with print outs and what not in front of them as they walk through the door, I thought it was appropriate to reveal her now to the world out there.

Isn't she adorable? Paola is a very talented doll maker herself, and I think it was a great background to have as only another doll maker could understand and relate to the passion and love that I feel for my dolls, and she translated that into this sweet little girl. I love her!

So, part as celebration for having this sweet girl with me now, sharing the road and giving me an icon and alter ego, I will be hosting a sweet giveaway. Don't want to reveal too much as I am still working the "details" but it's a good one!

I will be posting very heavily in the next coming weeks as so much is happening, with the boreal dolls almost finished, the giveaway and the clothing extravaganza, and all of that. So please come back regularly as you are in for lots of visual treats and heartfelt morsels.

And thank you so much Paola, for sharing your talent with me!

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