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Self-faced ruffles

Oh yeah! the title has nothing to do with the photos, but you already knew that. It's just that I discovered the pleasure of making self-faced ruffles, and what a treat! The humongous strips will be used on Aurora's dress.

These photos belong to Balsam's dress. Sometimes is nice to use the simplest dress design, and turn it into a magnificent dress just with the help of the fabrics and lace used. This little dress is made of silk dupioni and tussah for the apron. The dress is lined with linen, and the trim used on her apron is also made of linen.

Sometimes using these gorgeous materials feels like such a pampering activity. My hands get to work and touch the best of the best. And I guess they deserve it. Because rolling heads is tough on your hands, and so is tying the heads, and sewing the doll together. My fingers look like hell most of the time, from incessant poking, and I have achy hands a lot. I think that there will be a time when my hands can't roll a head anymore, or my eyes help me thread a needle, but while I can...oh boy! am I ever having the time of my life!

An alter ego

The little boreal family