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The little boreal family

Is finally finished, photographed and soon, packed and ready to go to their new homes. These four little dolls have exciting times ahead of them. Some will travel far and wide, others will stay closer, but they will all leave this nest, where they were created, cuddled, dreamed about and cherished.

I hope that the new homes that welcome these little dolls have as much fun playing with them, as I had making them. I have been thinking a lot lately on all the time I spend working and thinking about my dolls. Sometimes I feel like it's a bit too much, too involved, too intense. But I cannot help myself, I just cannot stop thinking of new things to make, of more ruffles and buttons, and lace, and funky pants.

A fellow doll maker wrote something about me on my gallery, and it made me smile. She says that seeing my dolls makes her wonder: what did she do before? I guess it's pretty obvious that I love what I do. Not just sewing, and knitting, and crocheting little shoes. Not just adding details or embroidering little faces. I love creating dolls. Thinking about them and the families that get to have them.

Many people ask me if it's hard to say good-bye to a doll once I ship it away. I always take my time to ship the dolls for their travels, I make sure all the threads are cut and their hair looks pretty and all of that, but I also take time to say: "adios". I have to part with this beautiful and finished object of my creation, and it makes me feel so accomplished and it makes it all feel completed, closed, finalized. I think it's important to close chapters, to finish things, and for me, sending a doll away means I get to open another new chapter, I start a new adventure, I get to meet another little wool creature that will spring out of my fingers.

And as I start to wave good-bye to these four little ones, and I tell them to be good and be kind to their new moms and dads, to always eat their supper and be there when they are needed, I start feeling the anticipation and giddiness of the new group. And my hands cannot wait to see how they all come about, who will be the mischievous one, who will be the funny clown, who will be the aloof little doll that sits by herself. Doesn't it sound so much fun?

So, in about two weeks, I think, you will see the final group of boreal-inspired dolls. They are all 16" tall, and their names are: Cedar, a boy with golden skin and brown hair, who will be wearing the most delightful outfit; Fern, a girl with vibrant green hair and beautiful coat; Balsam, another girl with green fluffy hair and a whimsical cape; Bolete, a girl with two little babies...and finally, Aurora Borealis, a stunning girl with white hair and the most challenging outfit to date. I.just.cannot.wait!!

Self-faced ruffles

In love with Fall