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In love with Fall

I guess you could say that I have a complete infatuation with this season. Perhaps is due to the fact that I was born surrounded by these colours, by these temperatures, and so my body and memories are tied to this particular month. The month of the best moon in the world. The month of Hallow's Eve. Of Thanksgiving. Of not only my birthday, but my first-born as well. I do love October.

And of course, the dolls love it too. As I am so inspired to create warm clothes for them, in a gamut of earthy and rich hues. This one here is Miss Poplar. Such a pretty tree! With flimsy little leaves that flap and sing to you when there is wind; that are two colours in the spring and summer, and turn a vibrant yellow in this season. Poplar loves her name and the inspiration behind it.

I was struggling to decide when to upload this set of dolls, as I was bound and determined to have them ready for Saturday the 15th. But, my family long ago decided to take a trip to a nearby pumpkin patch and it turns out is this coming Saturday. I don't want to miss it and stay home, so I am changing the date to Monday, October 17th at 9:00 AM Eastern time. Same place.

There is one more fellow that needs to make his appearance, if he only sits still for five minutes so I can finish his clothes! And I also need to take some photos of Lichen in her clothes. She was most cross yesterday that I posted those photos of her with no clothes to cover her. I have apologized profusely! She got over it when I handed her a cookie.

Now, back to the sewing machine. Photos of Moss and Lichen tomorrow. I will try to have a group photo shoot on Sunday, once we get back from the pumpkin patch. Thanks for reading!

The little boreal family

Boreal adventuring