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Boreal adventuring

Back when I re-designed the body for the sixteen inch dolls, I craved the time and energy to do it with the little twelve inch as well. I just made the switch and I am so loving it.

These four new dolls all have this kind of body. Moveable arms, that allow for greater ease when dressing and undressing the doll, a bit of a longer torso, resting arms, bum dart that allows the doll to sit better (but not on its own), and slightly longer feet so I can make shoes much more easier.

I have been thinking that as my own children have gotten older I have moved into creating dolls for older children. So I will try, from now on, to make the twelve inch dolls more appropriate for younger children, that do seem to fare better with smaller dolls. Their clothes will be much wider, and simple, and less detail will be added so that small children can play easier with them. Every now and then, I will make a few of this size of dolls into a collection, and then add all the cute and silly details that attract an older child. But, for the majority of the time the 12in dolls will be geared from now on to a younger crowd.

This cutie is Lichen. I adore her face. There is something that feels very heart-warming about redheads with brown eyes in this house, as we all seem to have fallen under her spell.

I am so excited working on these dolls, and I knew when the time came to be putting their clothes together, that I was going to be all over the place. Wanting to add and add and add things to them, but do not fear, as I have told myself already that this cannot be done and I will instead dream about it. Oh, how I love to dream about things to make for my dolls!

Instead, I leave you with a little photo of Poplar's dress and collar. She is patiently waiting for her all clothes to be ready so I can take photos of her. She is such a sweetie.

Back to my needles, and threads, and pieces of wool!

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