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Button mania!

That's exactly how I describe my condition, it is a very painful one, and highly demanding. If you haven't been diagnosed, let me tell you the tell-tale signs in case you are wondering:

-Highly acute sense of button placement
-Tremendous urges to touch buttons, to go through them, and stare at them
-Investing lump financial resources into a button collection, meant to be used on dolls, but secretly stashed for viewing pleasure

-Incontrollable giggling when seeing cute buttons
-Highly developed sense in regards to materials, favouring wood, glass and shell over plastic or vintage ones, but who is really checking anyways

-Plain cookyness is what my husband describes it, but he knows nothing about nothin' so we will ignore him...for now.

I found Fern! she was, as suspected, making an amazing mess with the laces and trims. She chose the particular one for her dress, is a japanese cotton lace and I think she has great potential as clothing designer. Her dress was so annoying to make, I am sure there must be a proper and much easier way to make it. If only I had time to read right now.

I am now deep in fluffs of wool, as I am attempting a few hats and perhaps a crown. I have nuno felted before but it goes to say this is quite a challenge. Wish me luck!

My Aurora Borealis

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