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My Aurora Borealis

The first time I saw them I was visiting this little town where I now live, and I was very much pregnant with my first child. We were sitting on my husband's childhood backyard, roasting marshmallows on a late summer night. I was smitten. I was raptured. I was convinced there was much more than a scientific explanation for such a light display. I was in love.

Years later we moved here, and I have seen them since many times. They are a beauty to uphold without words. I am told they are much more vivid and spectacular up north, but I am thankful that at least I can see them here fairly often.

When I came up with the idea for this collection, this was the first name I wrote down. The northern lights are tied to the boreal area of this planet, and I was very happy to have chosen to create a doll inspired by them.

Now, the execution of this doll has brought many thoughts and ponderings. One mainly, as I am aware of the environmental aspect of these lights, is that I have been questioning my position in a crafting world where I hope to one day be as sustainable as I can.

As I ponder and question, this doll has come to be. She is a quiet doll. Doesn't talk to me as much as the others. Sits back and contemplates. She does have a twinkle to her eyes, and I think it's because as in life, we are in for many surprises. When we think we have everything figured out, something springs up and brings new air. Perhaps she is the beginning of new air for me.

And I should better get back to my meanderings as her crown is nowhere to being finished!

We are family

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