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The first frost

Wee! This morning we woke up to a fantabulous surprise. The frost faeries were hard at work, to leave us a cold and rather short-lasting treat. Our first frost.

After the girls had a few licks of this and that (yuck!), and I sent them off on their school bus, I proceeded to document the marvellous event. So here it is, a morning walk through my yard.

The crabapple tree is about to flip upside down with all the fruit it's bearing. Not to worry, I am already on the hunt for little jars to jelly up as  much as I can. My neighbours have picked quite their share, and we are donating a good amount to the school so the children can make something with these cute and tiny fruits.

It won't be long before all the ferns are yellow, before there are no more flowers, and before the entire place is covered with a thick layer of rusty and brown leaves. I love the Fall.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, no pics of dollies today!

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