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The season of change

Oh my! If you could see the explosion of colour that I have going on outside my door, you wouldn't believe it. And it's not even officially Fall yet.

Of course that the colours around me are inspiring all kinds of things in my sewing room. Wool coats, baby-whale corduroy pinafores, wool-felt knee patches, chunky and airy knits, wooden buttons, rust, orange, yellow, teal.

These two little dolls speak quite clearly of what is going on outside. Winnifred is a brunette that embodies the earthy colours very nicely.

Her little sister Cosima, although wearing a flowery blouse, still feels pretty "September" to me. Must be the coat she is wearing.

Plaid and flowers. Too much action? I don't think so. She looks very childish and speaks to me of chasing rain showers and trying to crunch as many leaves with your shoes as possible.

These two little dolls will be available Thursday September 15th, details on the gallery. I hope one of them steals your heart, and you consider bringing her home. See you tomorrow at 7:15 AM EST.

The first frost

Second installment