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Second installment

So, plugging along with my Wardrobe's winners, the next outfit was made for our sweet Marshmallow. She lives quite close to me, here in Canada, and she needed a day outfit, since she went away wearing only her sleeper, diaper and cap.

I was so happy to be able to provide Marshmallow with a Fall-inspired dress and pants. Her little Mom is very determined to change her clothes, so I made everything very roomy and easy to take off. I hope she likes it.

And as part of the All Seasonal Wardrobe that was won by Hazelnut and her super sweet mama, here is the first part: the Spring outfit.

The inspiration for this outfit was one of her favourite books: Little House on the Prairie. I made her a long dress, with attached apron and a humongous bonnet. This dress has a print of faeries, one of her favourite magical creatures. So I think we're set to impress. Don't you think?

The sweet model is Kate, our Moonchild doll, that is quite agreeable with me and let me dress her in all kinds of clothes for modelling purposes. She knows these are not her clothes, but is happy to oblige. Isn't she the sweetest? Anyways, I have to get back to my sewing room. See you next week with previews of the two little dolls I am working on, and a final date for the next papoose update. We'll see how much I am able to work during the weekend, it's supposed to be beautiful and I can't be blamed if I just decide to go and spent the entire day by the lake. I hope you enjoy yours as well.

The season of change

The change