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Little Snow White and her seven dwarfs

We all know the story, right? So I won't repeat it. But if you want to refresh your memory, here is a link for the traditional version of it.

My Little Snow White is a bit on the folkloric side of the story, complete with a bit of personality and a little smirk in her eye. A happy princess, wearing a pretty linen skirt, wool boots, linen blouse, hand knit shawl, and her tiny crown.

She has run away from her wicked stepmother, and is now living with a bunch of dwarfs. Whom, heaven forbid grant her a free meal, oh no! she has to earn her stay by harvesting wild foods, fixing them supper, cleaning their tiny house, mending their clothes and doing their laundry. But, like any princess with a golden heart, she does all of it with the best disposition and is very good at it too.

Luckily for her, the dwarves are so small that doing their laundry takes almost no time at all!. And, good thing is, they are all work-a-holics and don't come back home from mining ore until late in the day, so, after she is done with the day's chores, she gets to romp through       the woods and takes some time off eating some cake and enjoying some wild strawberries.

Little Snow White also comes with the wretched apple, that makes her go into a deep sleep. As well as seven, opinionated and squeeshie dwarves (painfully needle felted --ouch!--, with sewn crochet caps and wool locks for beards), all her depicted clothes as well as a bag to keep the dwarves at bay. If you are feeling rather sheepish, you can play bowling and toss the apple at them! But don't tell them I told you so!!

Little Snow White, and her set, are all handmade natural toys made by me. She stands 16" tall and is a doll designed for older children (4 years and up). Her dwarves should not be played with by little ones either, as they are delicate creatures and their beards might be ingested by an overzealous muncher in your house. There are also two buttons on Snow White's outfit that can pose a choking hazard, so please be mindful of this.

Now, the details: this doll and her set are available comment style to those who feel close to this folk tale, and who would like to bring them home. This set is available to anybody, there are no restrictions on her purchase (other than the four/year limit). I strongly believe this would be an awesome Christmas present, for those already considering such a thing, but I am not quite sure you will be able to keep her in hiding. So you are warned!

We selected a lucky name, and we have contacted them via email. If all goes well, this little doll and her multiple friends will soon travel to their new home. I have chosen not to announce the winners from now on, to spare those people from publishing their names. I hope you understand that this way is better for all those concerned. 

Thank you all so much, for wishing to gift this doll to somebody in your life. Sadly, there was only one. But she is lucky, and she is going to a good home. Someone is going to be delighted this coming Christmas!

Comments are now closed, please check your email to see if you have  been selected to purchase this set :-) I will wait 24 hours to hear from the person selected, and if not, then we will go about picking another name from the people interested.

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