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Miss Little Teapot, a Kismet doll for you

So here we go, the first Kismet doll of the month. This doll is offered for purchase to all those who do not currently have a doll made by me.

Miss Little Teapot, as you can imagine, sings her cute little song all day long. So much actually that I am starting to whistle it when I am doing laundry, brushing my girls' hair, setting the table, or doing some knitting while the girls play at the park. I love this song as my husband taught it to me. He used to be an english teacher in Korea and it was the first song he taught to his little students. I loved hearing about his adventures and so I used this little song, with a personal meaning to me, to create this sweet little doll.

She is very bright and know how to count 'til ten. She also knows all her colours and several breeds of dogs, as she loves animal and secretly wishes she could have her own puppy. She loves to eat scrambled eggs and chocolate milk, and take long baths while she sings pretty loud. She was a joy to create, and I spent many hours deciding what her outfit will be. I hope you like her and consider taking her home.

Miss Little Teapot is made with all natural materials, and she is stuffed most lovingly with wool. Her hair is curly mohair and can certainly be taken off those little pigtails. She will then have a pretty wild mane! She is 9 inches (about 28 cms) tall and is all cuddles. She is wearing a romper made of linen and hand dyed wool maryjanes. She also has a lace knitted capelet and a tiny teapot lid topper (say it many times!). She most vehemently requested she had her own little tea set, so she and her new mom can play as many tea parties as humanly possible. So we made her one.

The Kismet was today in the favour of comment number 2: Therese Marie. I am so happy to be sending this doll your way Therese. I will contact you with all pertinent details in a little while.

Thanks to everybody that left a comment, I hope I can have another sweet kismet doll in a couple of weeks.

So, what goes into making a doll anyways?

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