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So, what goes into making a doll anyways?

Well, all dollmakers do things differently. Most dollmakers create very unique and different dolls. A few dollmakers have hired or un-hired help (usually family members or willing friends). Only a handful do this to make a living, and power to them! I think is unbelievably empowering that someone gets to do what they absolutely love and also earn a somewhat steady income for their families. Some families rely on the dollmaker in the family quite heavily, and some others just keep bugging the dollmaker in the family to "get on with it"...hehehehe.

I have decided, with this new found passion for "deciding things" lately, to write about what goes into making one of my dolls. I think it might be very similar to what other women (I yet have to encounter a dollmaking dude) go through, and I am looking forward to compare notes and see if I am just looney for doing half of the things I do. So, come along with me, on a "peek-a-boo" journey into what goes inside, around and about to make a doll the way I do it.

Disclaimer: if you are hoping for a tutorial on how to make a doll, I must tell you right know you will be sadly disappointed. This won't be a tutorial, more like a little story to a "behind-the-scenes" show, and confession bits to share. I do hope you come and visit anyways, as it might bring some light on how I do things and why I do things the way I do. Now it seems I am into riddles as well. I'll be back shortly with a big chocolate bar to write it all.

A story of patience.

Miss Little Teapot, a Kismet doll for you