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Important Announcement

I feel like a radio broadcasting peep...but it's true. It's sort of an important announcement today. I feel like such a newbie dollmaker when I constantly have to redefine how it is that the dolls are available. A year ago things were much simpler, nothing much to worry about. Somehow life has changed dramatically, not just for me in my little corner but in the dollmaking world as well. Big questions are pondered, no answers as of yet. Only half truths and a bit of unwilling decisions. I have written about it several times now, so I wont tell you the long story. Only that for now, until further notice, this is how I will try to make my dolls available to you.

I am closing the bigcartel store for now. It seems that etsy has a new checkout system that makes it almost impossible to oversell an item, a problem I encountered unhappily last year. Also, the system to keep track of sales and triangulate customers/invoices/conversations is much easier. I have tested the new system and I like it. So, from now on, everything will be done through etsy. Thought to let you know in case you were still checking the other store.

Announcement number one. Etsy will be updated with available dolls, clothes, papooses or new patterns (some of which I'm almost done testing...fringers crossed!). Dolls will be available on the 1st and 15th of every month. That way you can mark your calendar, and I get to organize myself a little bit more. I will not however have a set number of dolls. As you already know, I play it very "organically", and so sometimes there might be only one doll, sometimes you will have three or four. It all depends on life and how awesome the Spring turns out. I have enjoyed enormeously putting dolls here or there, whenever they have told me they were ready. Life has turned out pretty crazy and this system is no longer working. So therefore, expect some doll love on these days of the month. I will try to update flickr with photos and descriptions prior to said dates, but don't hold me to that. Times will be announced here, or randomly uploaded on that date. I am not trying to be difficult, I just know that as soon as I set a time, my life (aka these children of mine) decides against it. This system will make it easier for me to ship twice a month, and to have all my ducks in a row when it comes to tracking numbers and expectant letters of receipt from the new mamas.

Announcement number two. This is something that I have struggled with from day one. I dont like calling the shots. I like letting life develop, and take turns and take me by surprise. I am spontaneous and love to be like this. However, life has given me some very ugly surprises along the way. I feel that I am unwillingly forced to set a limit on the amount of dolls I send to a specific home. What a horrid thought, that I can decide how many dolls they are "allowed" to have. Well, in all honesty, I can't actually decide that, but I'm only responsible for my end of the bargain. And I do feel very responsible for this side of the equation. I feel it is my duty to create with awareness, as well as to create with knowledge and responsibility in regards to the current market. Therefore, I have set up a limit of four dolls per year (that I think covers a birthday, Christmas, and two dolls as gifts). With so many talented dollmakers out there, I am sure there is more than plenty to go around, and perhaps limiting dolls like this makes it more even for everybody to enjoy my dolls. Only my most cherished customers have more than four dolls in their homes, made by me, and for the most part these dolls have been made over a long period of time, so I feel comfortable with this and think its a fair number. Any number of dolls purchased this year already goes towards the quota of four dolls per year.

Announcement number three. I wont allow, permit or condone angeling anymore. It infringes the doll quota, and I am starting to think is not fair to enlist help to purchase a doll. Wether you can make it or not for the update I think should be left to chance, luck or your life circumstances at the time, and so for all the others who will take time out of their lives to be there I feel is not right to them, to allow other people to purchase a doll for somebody else, when there are people actually trying to purchase the doll for their own homes.  I feel very strongly about this one and I hope everybody respects  my intentions. In the past I saw nothing wrong with it, other than it was always a matter of friendship. With so many dolls being purchased for trading or reselling purposes, I rather wish this doesnt happen anymore. I hope you agree. Like I said, there are many dollmakers, there are many dolls being made. Please respect the way I want to make my dolls available.

Announcement number four. This one hurts a little. I am cancelling the custom spots that I was going to make available coming June.  Creating custom dolls has been such a source of joy and inner discovery for me, that it pains me deeply to let go of them. I am not even sure wether I will open custom spots again. There is a lot I have to figure out, and things I need to overcome personally in order for me to happily offer these spots again. Life has taken an unexpected turn over here and I need to devote more time to my personal adventures, and taking custom requests at the beginning of the Summer just wont work for me. So, until further notice, no more custom dolls. The ones already on the wagon are safe, they are being sketched, lovely fabrics have been bought for them and they will make it to their new homes. I get tears just from thinking that these dolls might be my last group of sweet custom dolls, but that makes them all the more special to me.

Announcement number five. I will have regular available dolls Kismet style, for newbies only. Whenever there is a Kismet doll available, it will be offered only to people who do not have a doll made by me. Of course angeling is not allowed. I think that pretty much sums it all up for me. At least for now. In the fall, if there is need to, I will revise my ways of doing this and we will take it from there.
It has taken me weeks to digest information, to think through how it is that I envision my day to day activities, and what I would like for me to happen in regards to my dollmaking path. A lot of visualization has taken place and I feel this is the way my dreams can come and materialize. I hope everybody understands and dont call me the "fun police". A nickname that I have already earned over here in regards to bedtime and surreptitious candy enjoyment.
I will update my store policies, and have a new page on this site, where all this information will be made available in a much simpler format. I wanted to write a little more about it, to let you know how I feel and to not cause too much anxiety with my constantly changing ways of doing things. Now, off to eat more chocolate!

Miss Little Teapot, a Kismet doll for you

To Appliqué or not to appliqué