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To Appliqué or not to appliqué

Such a fun word...I love french language. But you already knew that, didn't you? Anyways, I am rabling. I wanted to let you in a little, in how I work with the collections. It all happens very, very organically (ehem...) that is, things just happen to find me, fabrics appear before my eyes, the buttons come in place, the yarns dance in front of me, and there you have it. No, not really. A lot of thought goes into what I want the collection to be, and a lot of work goes into sourcing the entire shebang. As I start working with the fabrics and getting designs off my notebook onto the sewing machine, the most wonderful thing happens: I make things!. But even with all the planning, the sourcing, the drawing, the try-outs, things do happen almost as if by magic. Sometimes I wonder if I am someone else's puppet and some higher power is moving my hands...in this house we have already established I lost my marbles a loooong time ago.

This Nursery Rhymes collection is very colourful. Wouldn't you agree? Red, orange, bright yellow, even the gray in it is popping out. Polka dots are everywhere, ric rac makes an appearance here or there, the buttons are divine, but the main technique that I wanted to showcase was: appliqué.

I've long been a fan of such technique. I have memories of dresses of mine with applique on their pockets, reverse applique quilts, etc. It is such an amazing design tool and I highly recommend it. If you would like to learn how to do it with your sewing machine, Amy has an awesome tutorial that I am sure will get you hooked.

Now, off to go for a walk. We have a splendid day, and a little snow from this weekend, so some good shoveling and we should be fine.

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