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She is pretty

This new doll of mine is not necessarily a nice little girl. She has given me so much trouble! She wanted puffy lips, she wants cozy arms, then she decided she wanted to have slender legs, and slightly larler feet...pretty demanding if you ask me!

These two sweethearts are for my daughters...a big Easter present in a house where they usually get chocolate eggs and a knit knack. No presents. But this year is different. Which gives me just enough time to whip'em up some fancy outfits and voila! out of my sewing room to play with the rest of the gang. There will be two teddy bears, a wonderful fox, two siamese cats, several knitted farm animals, three large dolls and a little one, two stuffed lambs and three matryoshkas welcoming them. I hope they like it in the play room.

As I've mentioned before, this doll wasn't created for a child but with a child in mind (it makes sense in my head, I swear!)...although I am going to give them to my children in a few weeks. I am making this doll entirely for me. I am making it sturdy enough to be played with (by gentle and loving hands that is), but it has more to do with my need to create a doll that poses a different kind of challenge for me. I am not quite there yet. I have received a few requests to have these dolls available as of yesterday, and I am afraid you are going to have to wait just a little bit longer than that.

My Figlette is morphing...as I worked on these two  I realized more and more things I want to do with this doll, and so the quest for the right seams and the right pressure points is still taking place. Once I have accomplished her design and execution to my liking, I hope you and I will be pleasantly surprised. I truly hope for that.

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