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This is Mary, a Kismet doll for you.

Oh dear! what an entrance in the world! This little one is already the source of so much controversy I feel like hugging her and making her a cup of chamomile tea. She really means well, and had no idea so many quick fingers were after her. She got quite scared and decided to have a nap...I went to have our family Sunday Supper and just got back. So, as promised, here is her story ;-)

Lamb is my first knitted toy, of my own design. I am so proud!
My husband is pretty sick of finding knitting needles all over the house though...gotta find a better system!
Mary is the first doll of the Nursery Rhymes Collection. This group of dolls is based on the rich tradition that involves singing and composing silly rhymes for our children. The main reason, I believe,behind such a tradition, is to pass knowledge and an instinctual grasp of the language to those under our wings. Mary's rhyme is the first one I learned and was able to sing it to my little girls. I know, by heart, many in spanish and those are sung quite loudly in this house of ours.

Our little lamb insists to be taken out for a sunday stroll, who are we to argue? she says

The 12" dolls in this collection, like Mary herself, are not knee-deep in the applique madness that I am about to unveil, but they all have knitting outfits and friends that keep them company. Like Mary here, she has her Little Lamb. They were both designed on a sunny Sunday morning, back in January, and I find it quite amusing that today was such a day as well. I keep a notebook with all my notes, dates, design sketches and ideas. For posterity, and to show my girls when they are much older and can appreciate the other side of these dollmaking adventures.

Now, a little about Mary. I always pictured Mary like this you know? A blonde little girl, with big sheepish eyes, and a gentle and coy look about her. She is very kind, and very doted to her little lamb. Her parents have let her keep it, as usually the lambs grow and go about their business without much further interest from Mary. But this one is just so cute, she had to ask for her. They both spend an incredible amount of time primping themselves, conjuring new tricks to keep the chickens from leaving their coop, and rejoicing in the new smells and sights that Spring brings.
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Taking the number of people that wished to enter the draw, and raffling those  numbers up, it came to be Theresa Jenkins. I am so happy to be sending her your way soon Theresa, how wonderful! I will be contacting you by email shortly. Thanks to everyone that professed interest in bringing Mary and her sweet Lamb home. However, the Kismet was today in Theresa's favour :-)

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